Bulletin Board: March 2015

Desalination plant defeated. The NYS Public Service Commission ordered United Water not to pursue their plans for a desalination plant and to work with the community to come up with alternative solutions through conservation, reduced leakage and improved repairs. Massive public resistance - over 25,000 people signed petitions - played a major role in its defeat. The Commission ruled United Water was not entitled to seek recovery through a ratepayer surcharge for $50 million pre-construction costs but the company may pursue a surcharge of about $40 million later if the plant is built or plans are permanently scrapped.

The popular family-friendly Greek Village restaurant has moved from Livingston Street to a larger location. This means more tables and lots more parking now that it is next to Shoprite Liquor in the new mini mart off Route 303. Open Monday to Saturday from 11:30 am to 9:00 pm, it is a favorite spot for both lunch and dinner.

Former Palisades resident Skip Panettiere has recently taken over Smith’s Bar & Restaurant on the corner of 8th Avenue and 44th Street in Hell’s Kitchen, the new up and coming area in New York City. One of the remaining old bars in Manhattan, it has been there for over 50 years. A friend offered Skip the opportunity, and with Smith’s history and location, it was just too good an opportunity to pass up. Skip reports, “It’s a place where people from anywhere could come in and feel that old NY vibe, feel comfortable and at home!” American gastropub type food will be on the menu and there will be live music Thursday through Saturday. Opening planned for the end of February. Go online to: www.smithsbarhellskitchen.com for hours of operation.

An expanded Woo-Ri Mart has moved into the old Ace Hardware spot at 206 Pegasus Avenue. In addition to an impressive selection of fruits and vegetables, there is meat and seafood - some claim the best in the area; LOLOL, a stellar sushi bar plus prepared Korean food.

There is continued concern about toxic fumes from a proposed Anotolleh research facility vent pipe in Pearl River. Orangetown Supervisor Andy Stewart comments, “Public health is more important than the growth of a single business, and there are unresolved questions pertaining to air emissions that need to be addressed before the Anellotech proposal would have my support. Not being a member of the ZBA, I have no voting power on the Anellotech application, but I have used my office to publish as much information about the project as possible, so that our town residents can make an informed opinion and make their voices heard.”

Attention Palis-Agers. Our next meeting will be on March 19 at 1:30 pm. As usual we are meeting in the community room of the Palisades Presbyterian Church. Last month we listened to a presentation by Vivi Hlavsa, who has started five cooperative organizations of older folks like us in New York State. At the March meeting we will discuss how her ideas might help us to help each other.

The Korean BBQ Bon Fahyr Buffet is coming to the massive space once occupied by Duke’s Ocean Grill on Rte 303 in Tappan.

Tallman Pool, which was initially run by the Palisades Park Commission, was closed as a result of state budget cuts. Jim Hall from the Commission reports, “Since 2008 we have lost more than 20% of our operating budget and staff. This was one of the facilities closed as a result of those operating cuts. It was subsequently bid out as concession. The only responsive bidder entered into an agreement to repair and operate. After beginning some of the repairs the owner of the firm passed away suddenly causing the company to go out of business. There has been no other private interest in operating the pool and as a result it will remain closed.”

Best to keep your cats and small dogs inside. A coyote was spotted recently near the triangle on Woods Road.

Nyack mayor Jen Laird-White is putting a plan in action for a yearlong study of the feasibility of a ferry from Nyack to Tarrytown, about a ten-minute ride, or possibly one with direct service to Manhattan.