Covid in Palisades

Cases of Covid have spiked in the last few weeks. Between March and October we generally had only a few cases, but at the time we went to press we had 45 current cases. You can check on the number of Palisades cases by going to the Covid Dashboard page of the Rockland County Health Department, which has a map showing each town or village and its number of cases .

To deal with this threat, we need to wear masks, socially distance and avoid inside gatherings. But depression as a result of isolation is another kind of threat. I spoke to Gerri Miras, who has been alone in her room at the Esplanade for months. Her answer reminded me that humor is a powerful weapon we can employ against fear and despair.

Gerri wrote:
“Pan led a beautiful life. As god of the forests and pastures, he traveled about, visiting his flocks and romping about with the nymphs. As he roamed, he played upon his pipes. All was good.

But peace was short-lived. Down the road lived the lovely Pandora. Pandora was given a box, by the gods, a box of beautiful things, they said. But… ‘do not open it.’ Now, how can you give a box to a woman and tell her not to open it? Of course she opened the box and all the beautiful things within it blew away.

Except for one thing…...hope.

And as we go through this difficult period, let us hold on to that gift of hope.”