Letter to the Editor: re Salt article

In response to Paul Riccobono’s article “Our Salt Addiction,” Rockland County’s Superintendent of Highways Charles “Skip” Vezzetti further described the county’s salting policies and equipment, and concluded with this: “A study that we performed in 2013 indicated that the Rockland County Highway Department had reduced its salt usage by 50 percent and still achieved safe passable roads. That same year, an in-house study was also conducted which indicated that household use of lawn chemicals, water softeners and driveway and sidewalk salting contributed ten times the amount of chlorides to the ground water than the amount of salt spread annually on the roadway in front of each individual home.

I want to congratulate Mr. Riccobono for his insightful piece and encourage all our residents to try to reduce the use of salt throughout the year, especially lawn fertilizers and water softeners.”