New Businesses in Palisades (despite the pandemic)

Spring is around the corner, yet the Corona Virus rages on wreaking havoc on both our health and our economy. While many businesses have fallen victim to this cruel pandemic, a few are optimistically hoping persistence and hard work will carry them through these difficult times.


The Carpentry Shop at 238 Oak Tree Road opened at a time of true uncertainty. Owners Julian and Natalie Dion, with their shared love for carpentry and design, create beautiful one-of-a-kind furniture from natural wood slabs. The Dions scout lumber yards throughout the east coast to find the perfect wood slab to create unique pieces for their customers' home or office. Visit or check out their website - - available from this creative team.


380 Oak Tree Road is home to LoMar Farms, owners Brett and Yvonna Wright and their daughters. The Wrights moved from NYC in search of a simpler way of life and found it in a 200 year-old farmhouse on five acres in Palisades. They are determined to restore their farm into the property it once was, starting with raising bees. The Wrights make and market a custom line of beautiful, fragrant hand-poured beeswax candles, soaps, salves, moisturizers and handbags, available on-line at: and local shops like the 9W Market. Follow their story and growing business on their Facebook page, LoMar Farms.


A little red tractor and handwritten sign “repair shop” at 390 Oak Tree Road point to the local go-to place for lawn mower, leaf blower and other small engine service and repair. Formerly MOR Power, owner Kurt Liebmann retired his business and moved to Vermont. Fortunately for Palisades, small engine repair will continue at the same location with Tappan Mower Repair and Service. Take your machinery to owner Herman and he will prepare your landscape equipment for the coming season.


Erika Szente of Beacon Interiors continues to wow customers with tastefully designed window treatments, slipcovers, and pillows. A longtime Piermont resident, Erika offers over 30 years of experience in her design studio at 19 New Street in Nyack. After meticulously measuring, her customers can then choose the drapery fabrics, blinds, rugs or shades from her showroom. Everything is prepared at the studio and professionally installed. Erika’s work can be seen on her website: or call: (914) 589-9270.