Safety in Palisades

  1. Now that it is getting darker earlier, put your inside lights on a timer beginning at 4:30 so it looks like someone is home.

  2. Make sure your house is clearly labeled with your house number for fire, police and emergency services.

  1. Neighborhood watch: Some neighborhoods have organized neighbors' e-mails so they can alert their neighbors quickly if there is an emergency.

  2. On White Oak items have been stolen from unlocked cars in front of people's homes. We recommend keeping valuables out of cars and doors locked.

  3. People near Horne Tooke Road and Hey Hoe Road have had bear sightings. The NYS DEC tracks bear sightings: call 845-256-3175. To report dangerous situations, dial 911 or 845-359-3700.

  4. RING security has a FREE “Neighbors” app. Anyone can join, you need not have RING security cameras. You designate a neighborhood parameter. You will be notified if anyone using the app within your parameter posts an alert.

  5. To join the Palisades alert e-blast or to post an alert, e-mail