Second Hand Shopping: A Hot Ticket These Days

For years, a wide assortment of antique shops made Nyack a destination. When many closed, secondhand stores moved in, offering unique quality merchandise to fill the void. There are now seven shops in town that sell clothing, accessories and jewelry to suit all ages, sizes and genders. One-of-a-kind, frequently brand-name goods, many in eco-friendly fabrics like silk, wool and cotton that look like new can be purchased at half the price. Secondhand purchases not only contribute to the health of your wallet but to the planet as well, a “win-win all around.

Vintage clothing, defined as being preowned and at least twenty-years-old, is really hot right now; much of it is from the 80s and 90s.

Some secondhand stores like Second Chance, Lemmonade and Rose Lighting & Vintage purchase items for sale outright while consignment shops like Honor & Blume and Trilogy Consignment carefully select and sell previously loved merchandise with original owners getting a commission when their pieces sell. And there’s Grace’s Thrift Shop where items are donated, and the proceeds go to charity.

“Each of the shops have a different focus and attract different clientele,” says Hilarie Blumenthal of Honor & Blume. “My niche is vintage and higher end, stylish clothing, without being totally wed to top designer names.” Hilarie also carries a wide range of jewelry, many vintage, some pieces she has designed herself using antique beads. “I find the workmanship of antique jewelry far better than modern."

Trilogy Consignment, owned and operated by Heather Reid, also has a shop across the river in Tarrytown. “Our repeat customers are savvy, stylish hunters of things that feel one of a kind,” Heather reports. “We carry primarily vintage (1920-2000) and contemporary clothing, shoes and accessories, plus a little mix of artisan and new things.” Lemmonade carries medium and large styles and children’s wear.

According to ThredUp, a leading online thrift store, resale shopping is becoming the norm and is expected to grow 127% by 2026. Younger people are primarily driving the success of secondhand shops; they are motivated by the desire for interesting, well-made clothing at a fraction of the price. Another attraction is the wide variety of unique clothing no longer available to buy new (no racks of the same item here).

In addition to saving a few bucks, buying resale reduces the fashion industry’s environmental impact by up to 80%. One of the most polluting industries in the world, 17 million tons of textiles end up in landfills. Buying resold goods eliminates the energy that goes into making new products. CO2 emissions, according to ThredUp, would be 2 billion pounds lower if every consumer bought one secondhand garment instead of a new one.

The town of Nyack has held two successful “Secondhand Shop Hops” this past fall with a tourism grant from Rockland County. Promoted through Facebook and Instagram, the intention is to draw people from outside areas into town. A route takes visitors to the seven shops plus a stop at select restaurants with discounted food and drink and a chance to win a prize estimated at $200. For upcoming spring events check out from outside areas into town. A route takes visitors to the seven shops plus a stop at select restaurants with discounted food and drink and a chance to win a prize estimated at $200. For upcoming spring events check out

You might want to consider selling some items through one of the consignment shops. Search your closet for seldom worn clothes that are in excellent condition. Perhaps they don’t fit or you have fallen out of love for them. It could add a bit to your bank account and it’s good for the environment. The well-designed Trilogy Consignment website has a helpful guide with drop-off dates for those who register. Contact Hilarie Blumenthal (914-953-2188) at Honor & Blume for a time to present pieces you would like to sell.

Here's a list of local shops worth paying a visit to the next time you are in Nyack. Search through unique items in shops where the merchandise is constantly changing, and you’ll be supporting local businesses.

Honor & Blume, 23 N. Broadway. Hilarie Blumenthal— A bespoke collection of vintage, designer clothing and jewelry. Thursday to Sunday, noon to 5:00 pm.

Trilogy Consignment, 5 S. Broadway, Heather Reid—Stylish, size-inclusive, locally sourced vintage and modern. Closed Monday/Tuesday, open Wednesday to Sunday noon to 5:00 pm.

Second Chance Shoppe, 28 N. Broadway, Christina Clemente—Boutique specializing in unique vintage clothing and home goods. Closed Monday.

Rose Lighting & Vintage Clothing, 67 Main St., Richard and Claudia Rose—Secondhand, vintage and new fun pieces. Open Wednesday to Saturday.

Lemmonade Shop, 85 S. Broadway—Curated secondhand women’s and kid’s clothing, focusing on modern and classic.

Main Street Beat, 95 Main St., Jennifer 0’Connor, Amy Bezunartea—Casual basic every day sportswear, denim, sweatshirts, tees, many from the 90s. Closed Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Grace’s Thrift Shop, 10 S. Broadway—An Episcopal church volunteer-run thrift shop carrying donated items. 100% of proceeds go to local charities. Closed Sundays and Mondays.