Summer Intern Program for High School Students

LAMONT-DOHERTY is sponsoring The Secondary School Field Research Program, a six-week intern program for about 30 high school students that runs from July 8 to August 16 and pays $1,200. Lamont is looking for high school kids who are interested in science, like to work in teams and are not afraid to get dirty. The work takes place in the field – mostly Piermont Marsh – and in the lab and can be physically and intellectually demanding.

Students work in teams led by college students who are alumni of the program. The goal is to produce original research on the physical environment and ecology. Local students meet around 9:30 am at the Lamont-Doherty campus each morning.

To apply, contact Robert Newton, senior research scientist, for an application at or You can type directly into the form and return it as an email attachment. Selection is not based on grades. There is space for a teacher recommendation but this is optional. Applications are due back to by March 31.