Thank you!

Before I moved to Palisades I would stay at my parents’ house over the holidays and read the stack of old 10964 newsletters they kept in a guest room. I enjoyed the passion with which seemingly trivial topics were written. After moving here myself I took up the small note at the bottom of the newsletter encouraging residents to contribute. Within weeks I found myself spending a Tuesday night taking notes at a meeting about the Piermont marsh. And I loved it. I wanted to write about stuff that people would enjoy reading and things that interested me—Hudson River oysters, ice farming, local surface–to–air missile bases and interviews with our mailman. As time went on, the more people I met in town the more people told me they enjoyed what I wrote about and encouraged me to continue.

My family will be moving from Palisades in a short time and this will sadly be my last contribution to the newsletter. I appreciate and want to thank everyone who encouraged me to contribute (and the staff that had the patience to edit my stories). I want to use my final contribution to encourage anyone who is the slightest bit interested in having anything to say or anything to write about to get involved. Don't be intimidated. Get involved—this newsletter belongs to you. Local history and local events written by local people delivered free to your mailbox is special. It’s truly unique to Palisades and I will surely miss it.