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Dear editors,
I would like to connect with one of your writers, Blythe Anderson Chase, who wrote a story (May, 2021) called “Palisades Cemetery: Stories Behind the Stones.” My cousin happened to come across the article today in a Google search of our great-grandfather’s name, Max Krawchuk. The article that Ms. Chase wrote was about his tombstone and his life story. I’d like to know where she found out all of this incredible information!

One of Max’s daughters, Sonja, was my grandmother. Her son Ron Bolognini is my father. Ron knew some of the hardships of his grandfather’s life but this article is so detailed, I would love to know what sources Ms. Chase used to dig up this fascinating information! Everyone in the family is sending the link around to each other to read the piece, 8 months after it ran in your magazine online.

Thank you for any help you can give in contacting Ms. Chase and letting her know that I’d like to talk to her about her column and her research. I’m working on my family tree on Ancestry.com and would love to know how she found out the details she learned for this story.

This is very, very exciting for my family!

Thanks for shining a spotlight on your local Palisades area and history!

Karen Pace
Toronto, Canada