Harriet Publishes New Poetry Book, *Light Reflections and Mind Meanderings*

Harriet Hyams wrote her first poem when a teenager. By the late sixties, in addition to her career as a fine artist, she found writing poetry to be a miraculous release. As months and years multiplied, so did the poetry together with the painting, drawing, sculpture and architectural stained glass.

About two years ago, Harriet and her brother began speaking on the phone every day. Many times, poetry took over their conversations as they read their verse and discovered each other anew.

This book is a selection of poetry by Harriet, in mostly chronological order, drawing on her observations of life, love and loss in the passage of time.

You can order the book on Amazon.


Reading poetry is traveling

To another country. The landscape

And language so different

From prose. Dreaming of

Parts of the earth for the

First time to unknown

Galaxies of rhythms.