Oh, Well That's Really smart

It’s always a good laugh when asked which college I’m going to, especially when standing next to two particular friends. I’m often the third of the bunch to be asked where I go, and the responses are always the same, Columbia, NYU, RCC… It’s amusing because the person who asks, which can be anyone of any demographic, whether young, old, rich or poor, always replies with the same three phrases: “That’s amazing,” “Wow,” “Congratulations” and “Oh.”

The best is when the person who is asking goes from amazement to utter disappointment, both seen in their face and heard in their voice in a matter of seconds. Usually they try to save themselves by saying “That’s really smart, you're saving a lot of money” or “Well it's a great way to start.” This interaction happens very often, sometimes three to four times at a party. But as many students and parents know, Rockland Community College has a tuition of at most $6k a year, and a great transfer history with every SUNY and CUNY, as well as quite a few Ivy League universities. So when I graduate with absolutely zero debt, and the kid at Harvard leaves with a couple hundred thousand dollars of overhead, who’s the real dumb one?