The People Who Keep Us Running: Meet Santhosh

Name: Santhosh.

*What’s your official job title?*
Mail Carrier

How long have you been working in Palisades?
11 Years!

Before Palisades?
Palisades was the first place I started.

How many days a week are you in Palisades?
Six days.

How many hours a day?
At least seven hours.

What is your favorite time of year in Palisades?
Winter, there are no cars on the road!

Your least favorite time of year?*
Winter also. And summer, because the truck has no air conditioning.

Do you enjoy working here?
Yes, I love Palisades, everyone is so nice.

What is your favorite part of town?
Closter Road right off of Route 9W for sure.

*What do you do for fun when you’re not working?*
I play badminton and cricket.

Where do you play?
Haverstraw as well as for a league in New Jersey.