On April 10, Scottie Scheffler won the 86th edition of the Masters Tournament and, yes, it was a thrilling win. But perhaps the most moving part of the day for many in our community was that this young man got his start in golf at Geoge Kopac’s 9W driving range. George wasn’t around to see it, but everyone who knew him knew how proud he would have been. In fact, George is quoted in a recent New York Post article as having said about little Scottie Scheffler, “This kid is gonna be something someday.”

Generous and kind, George was great with kids, and there were always lots of them hanging around the range and the miniature golf course. Years ago, when I pulled into the dusty lot near the miniature golf, my then young son knew he was always welcome. The old 9W driving range was a bare bones affair. What made it special was George and his family. There will be no one like him again. He made a difference in a lot of young lives, and one of those young golfers has now achieved the most coveted title in golf.