Tales from the Tail

Overheard near the triangle across from the Post Office by three of our own locals…

Local #1…. I see we have some new tail in town. A big redhead called Ginger.

Local #2 – Oh yeah that bitch- you should have seen her a when she first got here, just a bag of bones, frankly she looked like something the cat dragged in, but now- well va va voom - totally transformed. Heard her family, the Cohens, take her rock climbing and for long runs. Wouldn’t mind sharing her crate if you know what I mean.

Local #1- Don’t be such a hound, hey have you noticed that Scotti from Closter Rd. has a new swag to her wag. The old gal has crossed the line, fallen hard for that Tom over on Fern - Sebastian’s his name. You know what they say; once you nibble the kibble no Alpo will ever satisfy like a fix of Friskies.

Local #3- Yo dogs- check out the sweet ride Reginald and Byron are sporting. Seems those Big Boys from down below are drooling over that prize Range Rover. I must admit I love it when they shed near me.

Local #1- Oh Lilly, stop being such a ball of fluff, Charlie’s not gone that long - are you really that needy or is it just you miss having someone to help you chase those walkers up to the swim club? Anyway I hear your people have been talking with my people and you won’t have to be single for long. Why can’t you be more like Lexi down on Chipman - just happy to bark the bark and walk the walk.

Local #2- Enough of this yappin’, let’s go chase some squirrel.

Those conversations could be accurate or they could be totally misinterpreted. I do not speak dog, I have an inkling of their needs but as an observer of human nature I truly believe the dogs of Palisades have their humans wrapped around their little paws. Four paws trump two hands any day. The Palisades Pooch is a special breed. They are purebreds and rescues, gentle giants and toys. We’ve got Newfie’s and Doodles, St. Bernards, Dachshunds, Cockers and Schnauzers, Pitties and Labs, various Retrievers and Hounds and combos of all. As eclectic as each home is, as interesting as each person who chooses Palisades, our dogs reflect our eccentricities and create a bridge to have a conversation with our neighbors.

Dogs have their day, every tail has a tale. Would life be the same without chewed up slippers, or a holiday meal that somehow disappears? Palisades Pups get skunked in the night, better make sure you chose a V-8. Our local dogs are known by name, be it Ruby on Closter who barks a greeting in passing hoping you’ll throw her a ball, to the Saturday walkers who meet down on Ludlow, yes Moppet I’m talking about you. The dogs of Palisades know they can stop at The Market for a bowl of water and if they do that special doggie flirt, a yummy burger.

For those true Palisadian Pups who never lived anywhere else, can they stake their claim to our famous final resting grounds? For those who came here from rescue this is heaven on earth. I bet if they could they would pinch themselves as I often do when I look around at the beauty that surrounds us. We’ve shared a few tales and hope you’ll share yours.