It's Time to Get Involved

November 8 saw the end of the most divisive, polarizing election cycle I can ever remember. Members of both political parties are worried about the future of their families and of the country. Many of us feel that America is changing in ways that are hard to accept. Faced with the current situation, some people are protesting in the streets. Others, dealing with reality in more practical ways, are waiting to see if the ship of state can right itself under the coming administration and find a safe haven that’s good for everyone. The one choice we should avoid making is to close our eyes to what’s happening around us.

One reason the Democratic Party lost the election is that so many of their members paid little attention to the changes that have negatively affected people living in the middle of the country. Their platform didn’t deal with the anger and fear of people whose lives had deteriorated and who felt they were experiencing the end of the American Dream. Less than half of registered Democrats voted.

Whether we are Democrats or Republicans, instead of looking away from the problems and realities that surround us, we need to become informed and involved with what’s happening in our hamlet, our town, our county and our state. Instead of feeling angry or hopeless, we need to join together to take what actions we can to steer things in the right direction.

The Palisades Civic Association, if revived, could serve as a vehicle for this kind of action. Even without an immediate emergency, there’s plenty to do in Rockland County. Life in Palisades is good for most people, but that's not true elsewhere in the county, and perhaps we can joint together with other county groups to help in some way.

We may have to wait until we are faced with a new threat to get the Civic Association functioning again. However, I believe it would make sense to start organizing now. Please contact Susan Nemesdy ( or Alice Gerard ( if you want to play a part in this effort to make a difference in our hamlet and in our world.