Tracking Rockland Coaches

It’s common knowledge that Rockland Coach bus service is unreliable, but a community effort recently launched by the Palisades Bus Committee may allow riders to affect change with a quick email. Hard data is the best way to mobilize positive change. Please participate if you use the southbound line at the Palisades stop.

In the meantime, in case you didn’t know:

It’s simple: when you get on the bus at the southbound Oak Tree Road and Route 9W stop, email Type in the date, the time your bus was scheduled, and the time it actually came. Send an email even if it is on time. Your name will not be used. Gathered data will show patterns of late or no-show buses so that Matthew Bowen, the new general manager of Rockland Coaches, can acknowledge the poor service on this line and advocate for improvement.

Because this is a grass roots initiative, only riders boarding the southbound bus at Oak Tree Road and Route 9W should email in data. The first round of data collection is April through June. If anyone near the Route 304 stop, or the Sparkill stop, would like to collect data from those locations, please email Questions about your bus? Call the dispatcher 201-263-1254.

Senior Citizen discounts: Palisades to Port Authority is about $4.80 per ride, roughly half the price of a regular ride. Senior ticket booklets can be purchased at the New Jersey Transit ticket window at Port Authority with proof of age. Tickets purchased in advance now have an expiration date. Application for a refund on unused tickets must be made before the expiration date at the New Jersey Transit ticket window.

Receive Rockland Coach email alerts by emailing Type “Service Advisory Subscription - Rt 9, 9A, 9T, 9TA” in the subject line and request to be added to the Rt 9, 9A, 9T, 9TA e-mailing list. Alerts are vague, but may be helpful.