Palisades Presbyterian Church News: December 2013

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December 2013 Bulletin Board

Greta Nettleton's book The Quack's Daughter has been picked up by the University of Iowa Press and will be coming out in a second edition in the spring of 2014 under that imprint.


The Esplanade: A Palisades Residence for Seniors

Most of us had a look at the attractive lobby and large, cosy living room of the Esplanade when we voted on November 5th. In the future, if age and debility make staying in our own homes impractical, some of us may consider the idea of moving there. Some of my friends are already residents. I decided to write this article to answer questions about the Esplanade and how it came here.


Palisades Community Center News - October 2013

Blooming Hill Organic Farm CSA
While we wait for our Winter farmers’ market to begin in mid-January, every Friday morning individual bags of just-picked organic fruit and veggies are dropped off at the PCC.


Palisades Presbyterian Church News, October 2013

Palisades Presbyterian Church to Celebrate its 150th Anniversary

The Palisades Presbyterian Church located on Washington Spring Road in Snedens Landing will celebrate its 150th anniversary beginning this October.


A Renaissance for Sparkill

A four-way stoplight blinks above Sparkill’s main intersection like a lullaby. Underneath, Bauer Crowley Insurance stands stolid sentry on one corner, the U.S. Post Office and a barbershop on the other. A turn of the century bank is gussied up with bright blue Chase awnings and Central Garage & Machine Works looks ready for Rosie the Riveter on nearby Union Street.


The Blood and the Breath: Okinawan Gojo Karate

If you think wealth equals well being, this is not the class for you. If you think you have to be young to exercise, this is not the class for you. If you are afraid of getting to know yourself better then this DEFINITELY is not the class for you.

This is the class for you if you want to live longer, get sick less, and control your breathing and blood pressure.


Palisades Community Center News - March 2013

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Palisades Presbyterian Church News, March 2013

Pastor: Reverend Angela Maddalone
Sunday Worship Service: 10:00 a.m.
Sunday School: 10:00 a.m.
Bible Study: Wednesdays 12:15 - 1:30 p.m.
Choir Rehearsal: Thursdays 7:30 - 9:00 p.m.

Sanctuary Healing Service:

Starting in April every 3rd Sunday of the month at 11:30 a.m. a Sanctuary Healing Service will take place. Prayer for the healing of body, mind and spirit. Whether you are in need of healing or you wish to pray on behalf of someone else, you are most welcome to join us.


Firehouse Redact

I have been reading a great deal of and about Henry James recently and just finished Colm Toibin’s The Master, his virtuoso fictional biography of James, with the result that I am more acutely attuned than usual to the powers of place. So maybe it’s just me, but it does seem that some spaces have lives of their own, with their own consciousness, exerting their own influence on the human activities occurring within them. Not a haunting, exactly, but a living, breathing entity giving shelter and replenishment to those who enter. Take, for example, the old firehouse in Sparkill, an unprepossessing, two-story building tucked between a mechanics garage and a former dry cleaning establishment on a snippet of a street that also once had within my own living memory a shoe repair place, long since gone. Gone as have many businesses come and gone since the shuttering of the Sparkill train station over fifty years ago. The old firehouse, however, is a place that insists on living.


Palisades Free Library News, December 2012

Children's Programs All programs are free and held at the library. Registration is required.

Two Dates for this popular program! Choose one.
Wednesday, December 5 and December 12, 4:30 pm
Gingerbread House Building. Ages 5 to 12

Tuesday, December 11, 4:30 pm
Winter Holiday Fun. Ages 2 ½ to 5


Letter to the Editor, November 2012

Dear Residents of 10964,

Your property taxes now rank third highest in the country. Your town board wishes to raise them higher. Our elected officials have voted to override the state-mandated cap of a 2% property tax increase. Their proposed increase will exceed 6%.


Palisades Community Center

Community Center

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Palisades Free Library

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The Sparkill Fire Department

In case of emergency, call 911

Financial contributions

Contributions are always needed. Please mail your check to:

John Paulding Engine Co.
P.O. Box 164
Sparkill, NY 10976


Palisades Presbyterian Church

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Palisades Post Office

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South Orangetown Centralized School District/BOCES


Science & Exploration

Children's Shakespeare Theater

The Children's Shakespeare Theatre is an independent organization based in Palisades of children ranging in age from 8-15 who come from Rockland County, NY. Under the direction of Diana Green, the group produces two of Shakespeare's plays each year for presentation at various venues in Rockland County.